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Come arrivare a Barbados

Krystof Hajek aggiornato 25. 2. 2024

There are two ways to get to Barbados: by air and by boat. However, there are no regular ferries to the island, so the only way to get to Barbados by boat is by luxury ocean liner.

By air

If you're going to Barbados on your own without an organized cruise, you can't avoid air travel.

Barbados has a single point of entry, which is Grantley Adams International Airport. The country is very accessible, especially from the USA, Canada, but also Europe, South America and of course the surrounding Caribbean islands.

Barbados does not have its own major international airline.

Connections around the surrounding Caribbean islands are mainly provided by InterCaribbean Airways, LIAT and Caribbean Airlines.

For the Grenadines, for which Barbados is an important hub when travelling from Europe or the Americas, the Grenadine Alliance airline is a good choice.

Compare flight prices

Typical one-way fares from Barbados to the surrounding islands range from 150 usd to 250 usd, making them among the most expensive in the world for the distance involved. The cheapest flights are usually to Antigua and Barbuda, St Vincent and St Lucia.

Return fares from Europe are around 900 usd and from North America between 400 usd and 550 usd.

By boat

If you're tempted by an ocean cruise, Barbados is an oft-mentioned stop on a Caribbean cruise (most often from Florida). There are countless companies that organise cruises to places nearer and further afield.

There is currently no ferry service between Barbados and the other Caribbean islands.

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